External connections

For reasons beyond our control, we are going to lose access to TAC 310, TAC 1 and DCI Bridge by the end of April, if not sooner. Please know that this was not caused by any users on our network, but instead is a decision of the admins of the remote system we get these talkgroups from.

There are no plans to replace these talkgroups. Instead we will focus on returning to the original goal of the PRN system, which is making our network a wide-area community of the repeaters we service.

As such, we can focus on our PRN talkgroup as a place where you can find all of the users of the system in order to have a large scale conversation or to get up with a friend, and the Chat channels that allow a repeater to repeater, or repeater to multiple repeater for a little smaller coverage area, or so you and your friend do not tie up the entire system. Of course, you can always keep it local by using, well… Local.

The web site will be updated to reflect this change in the coming days.