Network changes

We will be implementing several network changes over the next few weeks.

First, all PTT timers will now be set for 5 minutes, instead of 15, during tonights maintenance window.  This timer will not affect a user who is actively using a talk group, as each time the user keys up, it resets the timer back to 5 minutes.

Also, end users will only be able to key up one talk group at a time.  For example, if a user keys up TAC310, and then tries to key up TAC1, the act of keying up TAC1 will turn off TAC310.  The easiest way to think of this is the only talk group that will be active is the LAST one a user keyed up on.  The combination of using a 5 minute timer and one talk group at a time will keep users from using repeaters as scanners and just listening.  If a user wants to just listen to talk groups that originate from outside our network, I highly recommend using the Hose Line:

TAC310 direct link:

Second, I will be removing the auto linking for the Sunday night TAC310 net on those repeaters that actually had it on the NC bridge.  There have been too many complaints about the quality of the net, and since people are able to listen in via the internet stream, there is no longer a need to keep it running on this network.  Users can use the direct link above to connect and listen via the Hose Line.

More changes will be posted in the future as we implement them.