New Talkgroups

New talkgroups have been created that allow users to have a point-to-point and point-to-multipoint conversation inside this network of repeaters.  These talkgroups are named PRN Chat 1 and PRN Chat 2.  If you do not want to tie up the PRN talkgroup, feel free to move to one of these.  Remember to verify if the talkgroup is already in use BEFORE using it.  You can do this by activating the talkgroup, waiting a few minutes to make sure no one is talking (remember, the any audio will not be piped to your repeater until AFTER the person who is currently talking stops talking).  Here are some guidelines:

Please do not use one of these to chat with someone on the same repeater, use Local instead.

You can NOT have both talkgroups active at the same time.  When you key up on one, it WILL deactivate the other.

Please do not monitor these.  There is no reason to pipe the audio in if you are not planning on being part of the conversation.  You are just tying up a repeater for no reason.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the forum or send me an email.

—  Scott