Terms Of Service

These terms of service that must be followed to use the network:

  • NO political or religious discussions (just to be very clear, the First Amendment only protects you from the government restricting your free speech, it does not stop us from restricting it.)
  • NO analog to digital connections, such as using an analog to digital crossband option on a mobile radio
  • NO commercial sales, and we suggest to not even tell anyone you are a radio dealer so there is no ambiguity
  • NO encryption
  • NO private calls
  • NO texting
  • NO APRS beaconing
  • NO unusual or non-standard Radio ID’s, all Radio ID’s must be listed on https://radioid.net

The following information is collected by our system:

  • Every key up on the system is logged to a database and retained, even if it does not show up on the Last Heard page.
  • We will not share this information with anyone, and it will only be used to investigate linking issues with the network or users causing issues with the network.
  • Remember, there is no expectation of privacy. You are using a two-way radio system. Assume all voice traffic is recorded and all data traffic is routed to a database for storage.

We have always had the ability to block radios from being able to key up the system. Going forward, if we get any reports of a user violating the Terms Of Service, that user’s radio will be blocked without notice. Therefore, if you were able to use the system, but can no longer use it, assume you have been blocked for some reason. You may contact us and we will get you the reason you have been blocked, and depending on how you respond, we will work with you to get you unblocked because it may just have been an accident with your code plug (it happens, a lot!)

To put it simply, and to borrow from another network:

If you want to play in our sandbox, and you can play nicely and follow the rules, you can use our stuff. If you don’t play nicely and/or follow the terms of service, you can’t use our stuff.

We reserve the right to update this page at any time. Please make it a habit to check back every 30 days to see if anything has changed.

If you need more information or would like clarification on something, you may send an email to the following address: contact.ncprn@gmail.com